Hanano Ojo (花の王女/Hana no ōjo/Princess of flowers[1]) is the first girl unlocked in Lover High School: A Clicker Game.



Hanano wears the first school uniform. She has light green hair braided at her side. She has a flower headband with a magenta and light blue flower on the front, which extends to a red and orange flower behind her hair. She has light green eyes.


Hanano's braid springs up, she becomes shocked, and is annoyed at you.


Hanano wears the first school uniform. Her light green braided hair flows to her side. Both of her arms are resting in front of her. She wears dark green gloves with a bit oflight green. She has a flower headband with a magenta and light blue flower at the front of her hair, which extends to both an orange and red flower next to her head. She has light green eyes and has a serious expression. She has dark green stockings with light green flowers on them. Her right leg is kneeling in the air.


"Hanano Ojo comes from a very rich family, and is treated terribly by her parents, and even her subordinates. She then developed a tsundere personality from this treatment. She tries acting like a boss and demands things loudly from her family. If they don't meet her demands, she goes crazy. Her parents realized what her daughter turned into, and tried to change her, but she didn't listen. Her mother signed her up for the Gardening Club in the school to try to calm her down. Her temper still didn't change, and her parents now regret their personality before. If Hanano is not screaming at the top of the lungs, she can plant flowers calmly. She tries to control her temper at school. When school started, she saw many boys who she had a love interest in. She became stuck in a love circle, having many crushes at the same time. She just wants to have one, but she can't convince herself to choose. Maybe if someone nice enough could persuade her and become her lover..." [2]


Huh? Eek!! What are you doing here, you weirdo? Don't sneak up on me! Who are you, anyway? (username)? That's Huh? You want to know my name?! Ugh... My name is Ha-Hanano Ojo.....happy now, baka?
— Meeting her

Whaa?! You want to get rid of me already?! You better not, BAKA!
— If you say goodbye to her at under 100 clicks

What? 100 clicks already? You'! Go! Please....don' to least..not for the next few minutes....
— If you say goodbye to her at exactly 100 clicks

That's a lot of clicks you got there....I-I mean...I should go! Bye....baka...
— If you say goodbye to her at over 100 clicks

— Clicking her



Hair Sprites

Eye Sprites


  2. Description of Hanano Ojo
  3. "Fun fact: Hanano loves flowers like chrysanthemums and camellias! Very interesting!"